Task Scheduler Files

Task Scheduler Files are XML files that provide information regarding scheduled tasks on an endpoint. These files are created when a new task is scheduled on the endpoint. This artifact is similar to and replaces .job files on Windows XP, but provides more information.

Analysis Value

pageCommand Line OptionspageFirst ExecutedpageLast ExecutedpageExecution AccountpageEvidence of ExecutionpageFile PathpageSource Identification

Operating System Availability

Major VersionSupportMajor VersionSupport

Windows 11

Server 2019

Windows 10

Server 2016

Windows 8

Server 2012

Windows 7

Server 2008

Windows Vista

Server 2003

Windows XP

Artifact Location(s)

  • %SystemRoot%\System32\Tasks for tasks scheduled by 64-bit processes

  • %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64\Tasks for tasks scheduled by 32-bit processes

Artifact Interpretation

XML PathInterpretation

Task/Registration Info/Date

Date the task was scheduled

Task/Registration Info/Author

Author of the task. Can be local or remote.


Triggers for the scheduled task


Action taken by the scheduled task


Authentication used for the task during execution

Analysis Tips

Remote Scheduled Tasks

In the event that a scheduled task was remotely created (an excellent indicator of lateral movement), the Task/Registration Info/Author field will provide the originating endpoint.

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